About Us

Telstar is a licensed subscription television (STV) Company located in the Kingston Metropolitan Area (KMA) of Jamaica with wide and diverse audiences for its services. It is one of the original STV Companies and was founded by the late David Darby. It is currently Jamaica’s second largest STV Company. In addition to the provision of cable television, Telstar Cable offers a High Speed Internet and International Telephone service called Powerlink. The Powerlink Internet service is provided either via a “Wireless Link” from our transmitters to a receiver located at your home, or a “Wired Link” through our coaxial cable TV network.

The Company has twenty one transmission zones in the Kingston Metropolitan Area including: Mona, Hope Pastures, Washington Gardens, Patrick City, Beverley Hills, Swallowfield, Riverton City, Duhaney Park, New Haven, Vineyard Town, Cross Roads, and Meadowbrook Estate.