Does Telstar offer any other services apart from cable?

Telstar offers high-speed internet and VOIP phone services for international calling.

If service is suspended how much does reactivation cost?

The reconnection fee is currently $739.29 if you have been disconnected through the converter Box. If however you have been disconnected through the Converter Box and then subsequently disconnected from the pole outside your premises, the cost is $2,688.87.For customers requesting disconnection from the pole when leaving the premises for an extended period of time, the reconnection fee is $1,949.58.

What does the system maintenance charge cover?

Components of the system maintenance charge are as follows:
The increased cost of electricity
Increased costs of fuel and vehicle maintenance
Increased numbers of boxes in use require an increase in the signal output which in turn requires the use of more amplifiers
Increased rates by overseas programmers and devaluation of the Jamaican Dollar

How many Converter Boxes can I have on each account?

You can have a maximum of 4 Converter Boxes per account. Above 4 converter boxes, a separate account will need to be opened by the customer. For a second, and subsequent accounts, no system maintenance charges will be levied in addition to the current monthly charge.

When are payments for services due?

Payment should be made by the first day of each month. Service can be disconnected for non-payment at any time after payment becomes due.

How are payments in advance treated?

Upon the receipt of an advance payment for six (6) months, the account of the customer will be credited with $500
Upon the receipt of an advance payment for eleven (11) months, the twelfth month will be provided free to the customer

How do I identify my customer service representative?

Every Telstar customer service representative should identify himself or herself by name when you call.
If they do not, please specifically request the name of the representative and immediately advise management of this breach of customer engagement protocol.