Trouble Shooting
The audio has a distinct buzz or hum when the volume is adjusted with the converter box.

Possible Problems: The TV set and converter box volume is adjusted too high. Solutions: Reduce the volume on the TV. Adjust volume to the desired level using the converter's remote control.

I have no picture.

Check to make sure that the TV and/or Cable box have not been unplugged. Make sure all connections are secure. Tune the TV to channel 3. (USING TV REMOTE) Press CBL button and make sure the indicator light lights if the channel number isn't displayed on the converter box, press POWER. Check that your TV and converter box are plugged into an electrical outlet. If it is, make sure the switch is turned on. Verify that all cables are properly connected.

The lower Channels won't come on or they are not clear.

Possible Problems: A connector may have become loose or damaged. Solutions: Bypass the converter and connect cable directly to television set. Check the low channels to see if the same problem exists. If this is so please call our office that a technician can be dispatched to check the connections at the premises.

The images on all channels are fuzzy or the picture screen is snowy but visible and there is a "hissing" sound.

Possible Problems: The TV set or VCR may be set on the wrong channel. There may be a loose connector in the house. The converter box may be malfunctioning and needs to be replaced. A system problem may be affecting several customers. Solutions: Tune the TV set to channel 3 Check and hand tighten the cable connector to the converter, TV set, and VCR. Bypass the converter/VCR. Connect the cable directly to the TV set. The converter is bad. Please bring it in for a replacement.